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I Don’t Care What the Bible Says!

There is a phrase that I have a very peculiar relationship with. On one hand, I’ve met it, introduced myself, said hello a few times and acknowledged its usefulness. On the other hand,  it seems to always barge in when I least expect it and repeat itself over and over  and over again. Sometimes I don’t think it knows  what it’s talking about. It’s kind of a love/hate relationship. Would anyone like to take a guess at what this phrase is? Anyone? Well, if you guessed “the Bible says so”, then you are absolutely correct. Every time I meet up with this phrase, I roll my eyes so hard, they get stuck backward. Let me explain.

I honestly believe that there is no faster way to burn through your credibility in the eyes of a non-Christian then to use “the bible says so” in an argument/discussion. Here’s an example of the kind of conversation I’m talking about.

A: Is same-sex marriage wrong?

B: The bible says it is

A: But why is it wrong?

B: Because the Bible says so!

A: But I don’t believe the Bible.

B: Well, the Bible is the word of God. So it’s true.

A: What makes you think that?

B: The Bible says so

I’m not joking. I’ve heard this type of conversation before. I really believe that answering almost any question with “the Bible says so” is probably one of the worst responses you, as a Christian, can give to anyone asking you about Christianity or anything related. Why do I think that? Well to put it simply, why would someone who does not accept the Bible has an authority in their life  ever care about what the Bible says. If someone believes the Bible to be a collection of fairy tales written by a bunch of peasant farmers, do you really think they will listen to you when you argue that homosexuality is wrong because “the Bible says so”?

Let me put it a different way. Let’s imagine a Muslim man coming up to you  while you are mowing your lawn and demanding that you stop mowing your lawn because “the Qu’ran says it’s wrong”. Can you think of a single Christian who would say “well… I guess that’s no more lawn mowing for me.” Most would probably do what I would do and tell this man to go play in traffic, right after I finished laughing in his face (I’m kidding, I would never do that). In the same way, if someone believes the Bible to be a collection of fairy tales, why would they care at what the bible says about homosexuality, lying, God or anything else. In fact, you can’t expect a non-Christian accept the Bible as any kind of authority, just like you wouldn’t accept the Qu’ran as any kind of authority in your life. I understand there are certain circumstances where the use of this phrase might be important such as when someone really wants to know what the Bible says. Other than that, I can’t think of many other situations where you will need to use the phrase “the Bible says so”. I ask that you remember this next time you are asked something related to Christianity. Then think about how you will reply and how your reply will be viewed.

An Attempt at a Coherent Introduction

For awhile now, I’ve been doing a lot of reading in order to find the answers to all sorts of questions I’ve had. Since I was a kid I’ve wondered about all sorts of things related to Christianity. Why should I be a Christian? Does God exist? Is this God the Christian God? Who cares? Why should I be “good”? What IS “good”? Is same-sex marriage wrong? If so, then WHY is it wrong? What about Abortion? What is Faith? Does God care? and a thousand more questions. I wasn’t afraid to ask these questions so ask I did. Yet many pastors, elders, youth leaders, etc., rarely gave me an answer besides “the Bible say so”. And the ones that did attempt an explanation usually left me with a weird feeling that they didn’t know either but were unwilling to admit it.

Luckily, I’m an extremely curious person (extremely curious being the understatement of the year). If no one could give me a good or at least well-thought out answer, then I would search for myself. So began a journey of research and tons of reading. This reading and research led me down what I like to call the “forgotten paths” of Christianity. Things not usually discussed, argued or even questioned among American Christians.Now, I won’t say I know all the answers; that would be a lie. I won’t even say I even know some of the answers as that would be a lie too. However, after a lot of reading, learning and occasional asking of a stupid question, I’ve come to a place where I know enough to at least discuss it with other people.

I know I’m not the only person with a vault full of questions, so I decided to start this blog and offer you a chance to join me as I share the things I’ve been learning about and, if I’m lucky, I might even be able to answer a question or two.