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Invasion of the College Crybabies

G.K. Chesterton once said, “We have had no good comic operas of late, because the real world has been more comic than any possible opera”. I find this truer everyday as I look at the insanity around me. What was once parody and satire is now reality and nowhere is this truer than on college campuses. I graduated from UC Berkeley, an very liberal university and yet, I did not experience the kind of insanity that I read about nowadays. Take this story for example. Apparently, some black student was traumatized because most of the reading she did for college involved white characters:

A Columbia University student can pay $51,000 in annual tuition, but she can no longer bear the burden of fictional white characters.

Nissy Aya was a panelist during the university’s “Race, Ethnicity, and University Life” discussion on Wednesday. She told attendees should would not be able to graduate in four years because learning about white historical figures and characters has been too psychologically taxing.

Really? Reading about white historical figures and white fictional characters traumatizes you? Grow up! You’re an adult now. You will get nowhere in life with that attitude.

The sad thing is that this sort of thing is becoming more prevalent throughout college campuses. A year ago, Columbia Law School allowed students to reschedule their exams if they felt traumatized by the grand jury decisions in the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases. This just boggles my mind. How is this coddling going to prepare these students for a career in law? Oh excuse me judge, I wasn’t able to file that motion on time because I was traumatized by a grand jury decision. Really? The school isn’t doing its students any favors by acquiescing.

Of course, this sort of thing gets even worse when students actively try to get professors fired for making “offensive” statements. And by offensive, I mean statements the student disagrees with. My new poster child for college crybabies is Nick Goldbach. Not only was this special snowflake offended by a conservative professor’s statements, he actively petitioned to get her fired:

A student involved in LGBT activism was so incensed by a controversial professor at Vanderbilt University that he threatened to ruin her if she didn’t censor her own political opinions outside of class.

What really gets me going is the background of these two individuals:

Dr. Carol Swain was born in segregated Virginia. The second of twelve children, she grew up sharing a bed with her sisters in a shack that had no running water. Her family was so poor that she had no shoes and had to stay home from school when the weather was bad. She never did make it to high school.

And now 1,400 leftist fascists have signed a petition to Vanderbilt University demanding that one of the most respected African-American scholars in this country take diversity training or be “terminated.”

The petition to force a conservative black woman to undergo diversity training comes from Nick Goldbach, a white hipster student and self-described “urban enthusiast” who claims that working as a waiter at a “sustainable” luxury urban resort in Connecticut taught him about “common humanity.”

I’ve had many professors throughout my education make all sorts of offensive remarks about many beliefs that I hold. Yet, I never once thought about complaining or getting the professor fired. Freedom from being offended is a joke that only serves to highlight your own immaturity

collegeGiving in to these absurd demands will never satisfy these spoiled brats because they will always find something else to complain about. Tell them to act like a adults and just deal with it. Seriously, these antics would be hilarious if they weren’t true.

UPDATE: Will over at Patriactionary brought to my attention another example of college crybabies making absurd demands. Here’s the story:

The University of Ottawa has suspended free yoga classes for disabled students due to cultural appropriation concerns. The Student Federation decided that free yoga classes weren’t inclusive enough, so they’re not letting instructor Jennifer Scharf offer classes at the campus’s Center for Students with Disabilities.

Here’s more of their stupidity:

She (Scharf) has been teaching the class free of charge to 60 students since 2008, but student leaders decided in September to cancel the classes. They said the cultures yoga stems from “have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy,” according to the Sun. “We need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves while practicing yoga.”

These students deserve nothing but shame and mockery. They will never last in the real world if colleges continue to coddle them and treat them like sensitive babies.