Conservatism is Useless

Let’s start with a question. Now, this question is directed to those who:

  1. Identify as a conservative; or
  2. Refuse to vote for Trump because he’s not a “real conservative”; or
  3. Fear that Trump will likely destroy the Republican party

It’s a simple question, really; what have “real conservatives” (whatever that means) conserved? Keep in mind that for the majority of the last 20 years, Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. So again, I ask you, what cultural battles have these so-called conservatives won?

If you really think about it, you’ll notice that the Republicans/conservatives have failed to conserve much of anything in the last 20 years. Same-sex marriage now a right, abortion is still legal, government spending is through the roof and refusing to bake cakes can bankrupt you. The list goes on and on. The conservative establishment has done absolutely nothing beyond uttering empty platitudes about adhering to the Constitution and calling for a more limited government. The government continues to grow and it seems that nobody gives a flying fig about the Constitution.

So again, To all the “real conservatives” out there,  why should I continue to support such a flaccid party and ideology? Real conservatives seem to be good at only losing and surrendering to liberals because they’re afraid of being called racist or bigoted. Because of this, I’m glad that Trump is not a “real conservative”.

Here’s to Trump destroying the Republican Party and all these so-called conservatives. May it never be resurrected again.



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I am but one voice among many crying out in the wilderness of stupidity and idiocy. View all posts by Prince LaQroix

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