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Let’s Help the Refugees

Given the current refugee/migrant crisis, there are many people that want the U.S to open up its borders and bring in as many refugees as possible. It is our sacred nay, Christian duty to do so. But of course there are also those that express a vehement desire to keep these poor refugees out. We at Forgotten Paths, Inc. have put our heads together and come up with a brilliant solution

Given how many apps there are for solving practically any problem you might have, we believe we can create an app that relieves us of this ugly refugee business. This app will allow those willing souls to invite refugees into their home. The app will allow you to sponsor a certain number of refugees dependent on the size of your home. As a sponsor, you will be responsible for paying all travelling expenses for each refugee you sponsor. Given the number of very wealthy refugee supporters, this shouldn’t be a problem. Think Airbnb for refugees.

Now, we realize that not everyone who wants to help these refugees has that kind of money; therefore, the app will also allow for those without huge amounts of wealth to help fund others willing to take on the responsibilities of becoming a sponsor. Suppose we have a landlord who has the space and heart for refugees. He wants to allow refugees to live on his property but he won’t be able to pay the bills without paying tenants. Through this app, those without this sort of property can pledge a certain amount a month to help the benevolent landlord house the refugees and pay the bills.

In this manner you could help fund a new life for the refugees directly, as opposed to say, buying a cup of coffee from Starbucks and then hoping that corporation actually does what it promised to do.


We now arrive at what will likely be the most important part of this app. Given the ubiquity of Facebook filters and Twitter hashtags, it should be obvious that we need a way for the kindhearted souls above to signal their virtue. After all, why let a good deed go unnoticed? The app will provide for various “tiers of virtue” depending on your contribution. Have you been contributing a bit of money consistently to house refugees? We’ll partner with Facebook to give you exclusive filters that you can show off on Facebook. Contribute more and we’ll have our social media geeks start hashtags in your honor. For those that REALLY contribute, especially at the expense of their own families, Those magnanimous souls will receive the ultimate prize: an official Forgotten Paths, Inc. safety pin for each refugee you fund; that way, you can display your virtue in meatspace as well as cyberspace. Let everyone know just how many refugees you’ve helped create literal safe spaces for.

Finally, we must remember those willing to give up their lives for these poor, starving refugees. These shining beacons of progressive morality will have a unique, hand carved stone placed upon our future “monument of martyrs”*. Those of us at Forgotten Paths, Inc. have come to an agreement with a major metropolitan city to donate property upon which this monument will be built and displayed. We hope this monument to be seen for miles in every direction but remember, this can only be constructed upon the lives of those noble souls willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the refugees.

Xenophobes and racists that refuse to help the refugees can now stop complaining as they will not be involved while those that desperately need refugees imported will have multiple ways of fulfilling this desire and letting the world know about it. We really do believe in this app and we hope you will too.


*This name is more of a placeholder as we are having difficulty coming up with a name that fits.

Resist Trump with Porn

Oh dear! It appears we have another deranged feminist plaguing us with her stupidity and ugliness. Apparently, the best way to resist Trump  and honor your puritan ancestor is by creating porn. Yes, you read that correctly.

Rebecca Goyette is a contemporary multimedia artist and Rebecca Nurse’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter. Goyette, haunted by the horrific tale of her ancestor’s death, has long dreamed of making an artwork in her honor. Her summer exhibition at Freight and Volume marks the realization of said dream. Of course, as those familiar with Goyette’s radical feminist practice might have anticipated, this will be no orthodox tribute. Rather, to honor her martyred ancestor, Goyette made a pornography. Two, actually.

I find it hilarious that this woman is going to honor her ancestor by doing something that would have horrified said ancestor. Do you really think that a Puritan woman who lived in a strict Christian community 400 years ago would feel honored by porn?

And, unfortunately for us, this isn’t your garden variety porn. Here is what goes on in the porn flick directed at Donald Trump:

‘I wanted to do a complete domination of Trump, where everything he’s said about women I could throw back at him,” Goyette said. She ties him up, squirts breast milk on him, and cuts off his penis with garden shears. She gives herself an abortion and makes Trump lick the baby’

That is some sick stuff. What is with feminists? Why do they seem to revel in this sort of deviancy? Do these feminists have a mental defect that prevents them from creating anything beautiful? If this is considered honoring your ancestor, Goyette would have been better off pissing on her ancestor’s grave.

11 Red Flags When Looking for a Christian Wife

There are tons of articles out there telling Christian women what red flags to look for when searching for a good, Christian husband. However, there doesn’t seem to be as many articles telling Christian men what red flags to watch out for. My wife noticed this and began talking about it with me. From our conversation we came up with 11 red flags Christian men need to look out for when searching for a good, Christian wife*.


If you hear from anyone that your girlfriend or prospective wife is “used to getting her way”, stay away. That is a very polite and positive spin on the fact that she will not submit to you. Such a woman will refuse to listen to you and accept you as the leader of the household. This will be a constant source of friction and headaches that has little possibility of being overcome. Even if overcome, it will likely not be worth the effort.Better to prevent the headaches and stay away from such a woman.


Generally, it is better to go for a woman who has no political views or isn’t interested in politics. However, rabidly leftist woman will corrode your marriage faster than you can say, “Make me a sandwich”. The more to the left a woman is, the more likely she will be to refuse to obey biblical commands. As a Christian man, your marriage will be fraught with problems because she will very likely endorse explicitly anti-Christian views and beliefs. No woman can serve two masters. She can either love the Leftism and hate Christ or love Christ and hate Leftism. She cannot do both. So if you place any importance on your Christian identity, do not approach this kind of woman for marriage.


There are many women, especially Christian women, who may not harbor leftist beliefs but still claim to be feminists. I’ll be blunt, a Christian feminist is a walking oxymoron. You cannot be a Christian while claiming to be feminist. Sorry, not my rules. As such, any woman who claims to be feminist should be off limits. Feminists will cause all sorts of problems in marriage from refusing to recognize her husband as leader to denying biblical authority to refusing to have kids and even outright supporting abortion. Stay far away from any woman claiming to be feminist.


Today it is misogynistic hate speech to even imply that women are made to have children. But that is reality. The desire to have children is built into a woman’s biology just as the desire to have copious amounts of sex is built into the man’s. A woman who refuses to have children and hates the idea of being a homemaker is rebelling against her own biology. Such a women (unless she is committed to living a celibate life) genuinely has something wrong with her or is thoroughly brainwashed by the surrounding culture. Neither situation provides a good forecast for your marriage should you decide to put a ring on it.


Looks are extremely important for men. That shouldn’t be controversial. However, our culture (and many Christians) teach women they should be loved for who they are. That is usually code for “forget about your looks; a man who can’t look past your physical appearance isn’t worthy of you”. Now, I’m not saying only models are worthy of marriage. Unless you are extremely good-looking yourself, you will not marriage a model. However, A woman who is marriage material will try to look good for her husband and  will generally enjoy looking and acting feminine. A woman who does not care about these things is usually guilty of the less talked about sins like gluttony and sloth. Furthermore, these women become very unattractive as they age and then they wonder why their husband had an affair or looked at porn. Make sure the woman you marry genuinely intends to meet your needs just as you intend to meet hers.


The Romance genre, as a whole, is basically porn for women. This is a huge problem that is largely ignored by Christian leaders, the same leaders who love to take a dump on Christian men for their porn habits. There is no meaningful difference between most romance novels/movies and porn. Therefore, just as habitual porn use is a red flag when looking for a Christian husband, the consumption of romance books/movies is a red flag when searching for a Christian wife.


Feminism indoctrinates women into believing that life only has meaning if they have a career**. This belief has practically destroyed normal family formation.Let me explain. A woman is at her biological peak between the ages of 18-25 (in terms of health and fertility). A woman who prioritizes her career does not have time for anything else and will likely have to put off having children until she is “ready for children” and “established in her career”. As such, a woman pursuing a career wastes her child-bearing years pursuing degrees and high salaries. This causes all sorts of problems for family formation. A woman who has children later in life is not as fertile and will likely have to spend money undergoing expensive fertility treatments. Her children will be more likely to suffer health problems, disorders and chromosomal damage. She will also be more prone to complications and health problems as a result of the pregnancy in addition to having less energy to keep up with her children. Finally, older mothers tend to treat their kids like grandchildren, i.e. spoil them. As a Christian man who wants to start a family, a career woman is a non-starter. If you value your marriage, your future wife’s health and the health of your future kids, marry someone who is willing to sacrifice a career in order to have children at her biological peak and care for them.


This might sound unfair but reality does not care about fairness. Children of broken and/or bad marriages have a much greater chance of divorce or having bad marriages themselves. This is simply a fact that cannot be overlooked. Search google for the studies if you have any doubt. Getting married in the U.S. is now extremely risky due to a culture that promotes divorce and a court system that will bend over backward for the wife while destroying the husband’s life. Christian marriages rarely fare any better  in this climate. Now, given the already risky climate, why would you increase your chances of divorce by marrying someone who came from a bad/broken marriage.


Now despite what certain Christian leaders might tell you, marrying those single mothers is not a moral imperative. In fact, if your prospective spouse is a single mom, that is a huge red flag. A single mom has many counts against her. She fornicated, had a child out of wedlock and failed to provide her child with a father. These actions should alert you to the kind of woman she is. As such, stay away because an alpha widow never forgets. Now, of course there are exceptions. This single mom could be a widow or could have been raped. In these situations, you might be forgiven for overlooking her status.


If you care even the slightest about your own well-being and/or the well-being of your future kids, STAY AWAY from any women who has had sex with multiple men. I would include party girls  here because any woman who used to party has very likely been with multiple men in the past. The number of sexual partners strongly and negatively affects the chances of a successful marriage.  Even one man is enough. There is no shortage of studies that prove this. Look them up if you doubt me. This is true even of  Christian women who claim to have found Jesus and have changed. While we are obligated to forgive these women just as Christ forgave them if they truly repent, you are not obligated to marry them. The consequences of their behavior likely still linger. You will never let a man who has molested little girls in the past be around your daughter no matter how much he may claim to have changed. In the same way, refuse to marry any woman who has had prior sexual partners because, and I’ll say it again, an alpha widow never forgets. If you ignore this red flag, you are gambling with your future.


You should never consider marrying a woman who has a habit of disrespecting you, especially in public. Such a situation is not only a red flag for marriage but also a red flag that your relationship at present is not going well. A woman will disrespect you for two reasons: either you aren’t worthy of respect or she’s just a rebellious woman. Either reason should be enough to discourage you from marrying her. However, if you fancy becoming a cuckold, then, by all means, continue with the relationship.

*Disclaimer: This post will rustle some feathers. That’s fine as it really doesn’t bother me. I care about reality and if me pointing out reality for you upsets you, then deal with it. And again, remember these are general rules. Any exceptions you can think of are likely to be exceptions that prove the rule. Finally, it is possible to find women that are so stellar in certain areas that overlooking a red flag or two might be ok.. However, remember that most problems in a woman are are interrelated. A woman who is left-wing is unlikely to want children at a young age and will prioritize her career. So if you see one red flag, be sure you aren’t overlooking others.

**G.K. Chesterton once said that feminism “is mixed up with the muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employer but slaves when they help their husbands”.