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Resist Trump with Porn

Oh dear! It appears we have another deranged feminist plaguing us with her stupidity and ugliness. Apparently, the best way to resist Trump  and honor your puritan ancestor is by creating porn. Yes, you read that correctly.

Rebecca Goyette is a contemporary multimedia artist and Rebecca Nurse’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter. Goyette, haunted by the horrific tale of her ancestor’s death, has long dreamed of making an artwork in her honor. Her summer exhibition at Freight and Volume marks the realization of said dream. Of course, as those familiar with Goyette’s radical feminist practice might have anticipated, this will be no orthodox tribute. Rather, to honor her martyred ancestor, Goyette made a pornography. Two, actually.

I find it hilarious that this woman is going to honor her ancestor by doing something that would have horrified said ancestor. Do you really think that a Puritan woman who lived in a strict Christian community 400 years ago would feel honored by porn?

And, unfortunately for us, this isn’t your garden variety porn. Here is what goes on in the porn flick directed at Donald Trump:

‘I wanted to do a complete domination of Trump, where everything he’s said about women I could throw back at him,” Goyette said. She ties him up, squirts breast milk on him, and cuts off his penis with garden shears. She gives herself an abortion and makes Trump lick the baby’

That is some sick stuff. What is with feminists? Why do they seem to revel in this sort of deviancy? Do these feminists have a mental defect that prevents them from creating anything beautiful? If this is considered honoring your ancestor, Goyette would have been better off pissing on her ancestor’s grave.

You’re a F***ing White Male

I present you with Aids Skrillex, the comedy gold mine that just keeps on giving. Strong language warning:


Notice what he does at about 52 second into the clip. He screams, “You’re a f***ing white male” like it’s the ultimate trump card. You’re automatically wrong because you’re a white male. Nobody cares about your statistics, arguments or logic because you’re a F***ING WHITE MALE. White males have no idea what oppression is. Why? Because they’re F***ING WHITE MALES. Now, despite their rhetoric, leftists clearly don’t give a flying fig about racism or sexism. They want power and they will use this sort of rhetoric as a club to beat any dissident into submission. Check out this aging beauty:


Like Aids Skrillex above, this ugly, old feminist clearly has no interest in having any sort of rational discussion. She accuses the speaker of being a “f***ing white man”  as if that alone proves whatever point she thinks she’s making. Apparently being a white male lets you do whatever you want. I especially like how she complains about the guy’s “privilege” while holding an iphone in her hand. But living in one of the richest nations and having access to luxuries like iphones isn’t privilege. But being a white male somehow imbues you with this magic called privilege. Where is my white male privilege? I could definitely use some of that.


If you are a white male, stop groveling and apologizing for being a white male. Leftists who believe this can go play in traffic.

A Conversation with Dunce Cap

My wife seems to enjoy irritating leftists on Facebook and her latest exchange gave me fodder for this post. Now, my wife, (we’ll call her Mme LaQroix) can defend herself where leftists are concerned and I have no intention of doing that here. I want to use this as an example… a warning to those who believe that leftists and Social Justice Whiners are, on the whole, capable of rational discussion.

First, some background info. In a post about Donald Trump, the rapefugee refugee crisis was brought up. Mme LaQroix said something about how the refugees are killing and raping the people of the countries they are invading, that many terrorist activities are being conducted by these refugees and that they are not loyal to their host countries.These are all statements of fact, by the way… remember that. Now one idiot had this reply:


Clearly this guy was afraid Mme LaQroix would think him intelligent so he made sure to shove his dunce cap into her face. We’ll call him Dunce Cap for this. In addition, this reply was a red flag that further conversation would kill brain cells, but Mme LaQroix has a strong stomach for this sort of thing. She kindly reminded Dunce Cap that her statements were not opinions, they were statements of fact. Now her facts could be wrong or they could be right, but they were not opinion. Dunce Cap was clearly oblivious to such a simple fact.

Now, whether this next person jumped in to help steer Dunce Cap in the right direction, I’ll never know. But she came in anyway and asked for sources because she wanted to know where Mme LaQroix got her facts from. Normally this would be a reasonable request, but we are dealing with bottom-tier leftists here. Mme. LaQroix, bless her heart, then replied with a list of news articles backing up her statements including one article stating that Swedish police have dealt with over 5000 incidents involving refugees. Here is Dunce Cap’s retort:


Oh look at that, we have the standard bad-apple defense. These incidents do not reflect on all the rapefugees; we’re only talking about a few bad apples. And of course, I have to note the typical resort to sarcasm that leftist idiots are so fond of. If all else fails, just use sarcasm, that will save your hide. This is why the requests for sources or further information is a red herring. These leftists don’t really care for your source. They are simply setting you up for the bad-apple defense. No matter how many sources, incidents or events you manage to cite, they will respond with the usual “You stereotype the entire group for the acts of a few individuals”. Never mind that these incidents involve far more than a few “bad apples”. Cologne, anyone? I wonder what Dunce Cap would say if these rapes, assaults and murders were committed by young, white men. Ha ha, just kidding. I don’t wonder; I know what the reaction would be…


Sadly, Dunce Cap never got around to answering the one question Mme LaQroix posed. I’ll ask it here as well. How many people should the rapefugees rape and/or murder before you leftists, feminists, and social justice whiners begin to notice?

Where Are the Feminist Harpies Now?

Former Cheerleader-Plea

So a former NFL Cheerleader was recently convicted of having sex with 15-year-old boy. Here’s NBC News:

“The ex-Baltimore Ravens cheerleader who pleaded guilty to having sex with an underage boy she met on social media was sentenced Friday to 48 weekends in jail. Molly Shattuck, 48, appeared to sob as a Delaware judge ordered that she serve every other weekend in jail for two years. The judge also ordered that Shattuck pay the victim’s family $10,650 and register as a sex offender, according to NBC affiliate WBAL. “I will spend the rest of my life making this right,” she said.  The family of the 15-year-old victim told the judge that Shattuck’s actions have been “devastating” for their son, the station reported.”

48 weekends? Really? Just imagine if the genders were switched and you had a 48-year-old man having sex with a 15-year-old girl. Does anyone really think that the man would be sentenced so lightly?

I ask again, where are the feminist harpies shrieking for equality now? I, personally, don’t hear anything. But then again, this is male privilege at work. We live in a patriarchal society where men receive tougher sentences relative to women for the same crime. Men, it’s time to check your privilege.

H/T to Will over at Patriactionary for the story.