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Meet the New Gods

How much better and more honourable would it be to have a temple to Plato where his books were read, rather than to have temples to demons where Galli are mutilated, eunuchs are consecrated, madmen gash themselves, and every other kind of cruelty or perversion — pervertedly cruel or cruelly perverted — is regularly practiced in the rites of such gods as these.

-St. Augustine (City of God)

It should surprise no one that the Left worships worships progress. After all, progress is the king of the gods for the leftist. Why must we confuse children about gender and allow two men to adopt kids? Because Progress demands it; no other justification is required. This belief expressed itself most visibly through Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister. When asked why gender equality was so important to him in choosing his cabinet, Trudeau responded with “Because it’s 2015”. Progress marches on and must continue to march on because it’s the current year.

Yet, in spite of all these talk of progress, it seems we haven’t really progressed much at all. Above, we see St. Augustine describing with great disgust the rites of the Galli, Roman eunuch priests of the god Cybele. In religious rites dedicated to Cybele, the Galli practiced all manner of perversions including castration, self-mutilation and cross-dressing. The Modern progressive pats himself on the shoulder as he thumbs his nose at the customs and superstitions of ancient barbarians, “We’re no longer like those savages… We’ve progressed”. Have we really?

As much as they would hate to admit it, the modern progressive is no different from those “ancient savages”. Just as the Galli castrated themselves to appease Cybele, so too do progressives encourage males and females to destroy their genitalia to appease their god, Transgenderism. Just as the ancient Canaanites sacrificed their children to Baal and Moloch, so too do progressives slaughter their young in the name of “Reproductive Justice” and “Women’s Rights”. Meet the new gods, same as the old ones. The only difference is the name.

As the good book says, “There is nothing new under the sun“.