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Resist Trump with Porn

Oh dear! It appears we have another deranged feminist plaguing us with her stupidity and ugliness. Apparently, the best way to resist Trump  and honor your puritan ancestor is by creating porn. Yes, you read that correctly.

Rebecca Goyette is a contemporary multimedia artist and Rebecca Nurse’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter. Goyette, haunted by the horrific tale of her ancestor’s death, has long dreamed of making an artwork in her honor. Her summer exhibition at Freight and Volume marks the realization of said dream. Of course, as those familiar with Goyette’s radical feminist practice might have anticipated, this will be no orthodox tribute. Rather, to honor her martyred ancestor, Goyette made a pornography. Two, actually.

I find it hilarious that this woman is going to honor her ancestor by doing something that would have horrified said ancestor. Do you really think that a Puritan woman who lived in a strict Christian community 400 years ago would feel honored by porn?

And, unfortunately for us, this isn’t your garden variety porn. Here is what goes on in the porn flick directed at Donald Trump:

‘I wanted to do a complete domination of Trump, where everything he’s said about women I could throw back at him,” Goyette said. She ties him up, squirts breast milk on him, and cuts off his penis with garden shears. She gives herself an abortion and makes Trump lick the baby’

That is some sick stuff. What is with feminists? Why do they seem to revel in this sort of deviancy? Do these feminists have a mental defect that prevents them from creating anything beautiful? If this is considered honoring your ancestor, Goyette would have been better off pissing on her ancestor’s grave.

Did Donald Trump’s Victory Shock You?

Let me ask you a question. Were you at all shocked that the God-Emperor ascended his throne Donald Trump won the US election? When I say shocked, I don’t mean horrified. I also don’t mean scared and I don’t mean disgusted. What I mean is that you couldn’t believe he won because you really thought he would lose. You don’t have to hate Trump to have been shocked; you could have voted for him believing there is no chance he would win.

If you were shocked, I want you to think for a second. Why did you believe he had no chance?  I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you watched/read mainstream news sources (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, etc). See, these news sources  gave Donald Trump absolutely no chance of winning even the nomination of the GOP, much less the general election. In fact, the few people who believed Trump would win the election were laughed at; Trump campaign was considered a complete joke.


Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination against all odds should have proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. Naturally the mainstream news media didn’t seem to learn anything from this. Then continued to double down on Trump losing. Just two days before the election the LA Times, among others, projected strongly for Hillary Clinton. They predicted that Hillary would win with 353 electoral votes against Donald Trumps 186. Turns out they were wrong, very wrong. Not only did Trump win with almost 300 electoral votes, but many states predicted to blue went to Trump by a wide margin: Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, etc.

I bring all this up for a reason. See, you were shocked that Trump won because the mainstream news media told you that Hillary would trounce Trump. Polls conducted by these news sources had Clinton firmly ahead for practically the entire election cycle. Now, there were news sources, bloggers and authors who predicted that Trump would win from the very beginning, but these guys were seemingly small fries compared to massive news stations like CNN and Fox News; they were “nobodies”. Vox Day and Mike Cernovich, both influential bloggers and successful authors in their own right, predicted a Trump victory months ago. Mike Cernovich, in particular, went further and released a book analyzing Trump’s successful candidacy almost a month before the election. The guy was that sure Trump would win. So clearly, there were some who predicted the Trump victory and their readers, myself included, were not all that surprised when Trump actually won. Those that received their news from mainstream sources were the shocked ones.

There are two reasons that could explain why mainstream news sources were wrong: 1) they were lying to you and 2)they were incompetent. Now it doesn’t matter which reason is true; both should disqualify these news sources as anything worthy of your time. They failed big time and their credibility is now suspect. This is not a matter of liberal news media vs conservative news media. Fox News also got it wrong and refused to take Donald Trump seriously as well. If anything, this election shows how trustworthy the American news media is. I suggest you do yourself a favor and find yourself other news outlets to explore. Let these mainstream news sources burn to the ground.

Conservatism is Useless

Let’s start with a question. Now, this question is directed to those who:

  1. Identify as a conservative; or
  2. Refuse to vote for Trump because he’s not a “real conservative”; or
  3. Fear that Trump will likely destroy the Republican party

It’s a simple question, really; what have “real conservatives” (whatever that means) conserved? Keep in mind that for the majority of the last 20 years, Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. So again, I ask you, what cultural battles have these so-called conservatives won?

If you really think about it, you’ll notice that the Republicans/conservatives have failed to conserve much of anything in the last 20 years. Same-sex marriage now a right, abortion is still legal, government spending is through the roof and refusing to bake cakes can bankrupt you. The list goes on and on. The conservative establishment has done absolutely nothing beyond uttering empty platitudes about adhering to the Constitution and calling for a more limited government. The government continues to grow and it seems that nobody gives a flying fig about the Constitution.

So again, To all the “real conservatives” out there,  why should I continue to support such a flaccid party and ideology? Real conservatives seem to be good at only losing and surrendering to liberals because they’re afraid of being called racist or bigoted. Because of this, I’m glad that Trump is not a “real conservative”.

Here’s to Trump destroying the Republican Party and all these so-called conservatives. May it never be resurrected again.


You’re a F***ing White Male

I present you with Aids Skrillex, the comedy gold mine that just keeps on giving. Strong language warning:


Notice what he does at about 52 second into the clip. He screams, “You’re a f***ing white male” like it’s the ultimate trump card. You’re automatically wrong because you’re a white male. Nobody cares about your statistics, arguments or logic because you’re a F***ING WHITE MALE. White males have no idea what oppression is. Why? Because they’re F***ING WHITE MALES. Now, despite their rhetoric, leftists clearly don’t give a flying fig about racism or sexism. They want power and they will use this sort of rhetoric as a club to beat any dissident into submission. Check out this aging beauty:


Like Aids Skrillex above, this ugly, old feminist clearly has no interest in having any sort of rational discussion. She accuses the speaker of being a “f***ing white man”  as if that alone proves whatever point she thinks she’s making. Apparently being a white male lets you do whatever you want. I especially like how she complains about the guy’s “privilege” while holding an iphone in her hand. But living in one of the richest nations and having access to luxuries like iphones isn’t privilege. But being a white male somehow imbues you with this magic called privilege. Where is my white male privilege? I could definitely use some of that.


If you are a white male, stop groveling and apologizing for being a white male. Leftists who believe this can go play in traffic.